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Registration & Session FAQ

We highly recommend starting with our Introductory 3 Pack of Privates for new clients. It’s the best value and it will help you orient yourself to the studio, your trainer, the exercises, and how to appropriately modify to your needs so that you can feel capable whether moving forward with Privates or in a class setting. The 3 Pack is a great starting point.

The best way to get started is to email us at [email protected] or call (847) 562-0100. Let us know what your Pilates experience is, what your goals are, if ultimately you are looking to enter a group Reformer class or stay with Privates, and what days and times work best for you.

Once you have completed an Introductory 3 Pack of Private Pilates Sessions, you can discuss with your instructor whether to continue with Privates or go into Group Reformer Classes. Group classes can be scheduled online through the MindBody app or through our website which links with Mindbody. On MindBody you will be prompted to purchase a class pack online. If you are choosing to continue with Privates, speak with your instructor directly to set up a regular weekly time. If you would like to experience other instructors to find the right fit for you, call the studio at (847) 562-0100 and either Susie or Wendy will help you explore your options.

We accept Zelle to [email protected], credit card or check.

No monthly membership required. You can pay as you go or buy a package of sessions or classes to use.

Packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

Comfortable clothing that you would typically work out in. Nothing too loose or baggy in the legs so that the material doesn’t get caught in the equipment.

A bottle of water, a mask and if you’d like to have a small towel, please bring that as well.

We have fully equipped studios with Reformers, Chairs, Trapeze Tables, Step Barrels, Ladder Barrels, CoreAligns, a single shower available in our Northbrook location, and a locker room with showers at our Deerfield location.

Masks are optional in the studio. If there are any changes, we will be following CDC and our local government’s guidelines.

Please avoid eating a large meal immediately before your session. Also, avoid putting on scented products such as hairspray, perfume, or lotion.

Text or call your instructor or the person who booked your session as soon as possible. Cell phones are preferred but if you do not have that contact information, please call (847)562-0100. Any cancellation made within 24 hours of your class or session will incur a late charge of the cost of the session.

Please reach out to Susie or Wendy at (847)562-0100 to discuss finding the best match for your needs. We are here to help make your experience a
positive one.

It depends on your overall weekly fitness routine as well as what your goals are and how quickly you would like to attain them. If Pilates is the only exercise that you do, we recommend it 2-3 times per week. If it is complementing other strength routines or activities, then once a week might be sufficient. But if you would like to quickly get acclimated to Pilates and make some changes right away, then adding a second or third class/session is a great idea.

Anything that you enjoy!! It’s so important that you like what you do for exercise as it will help you be more consistent in doing it. Some ideas are to have your instructor create a home Pilates routine for you, or take up walking, jogging (especially out in nature), sports such as tennis or golf, strength training (ask us
for a referral) cycling or yoga.

As needed, some issues require more regular, consistent body work to heal. Please talk to us to help you establish the best routine for your body.

Our answers to the most common misconceptions about Pilates

If you could put a dollar amount on it, what would you say your health is worth? As Joseph Pilates said, “Change happens through movement and movement heals.” What healing does your body need now and what might it need for a stronger, future version of you? Whether you continue with privates or join a small group reformer class. Joseph Pilates has said, “A few well-designed movements, properly performed…, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortions.” Use the well-trained eyes and supportive nature of a certified Pilates instructor to guide you towards a healthier version of yourself. Pilates training is extensive with over 500 hours of training and the teachers graduate with a developed knowledge of Pilates exercises performed on 5 major pieces of equipment and have a very good understanding of muscle and joint anatomy.  There is so much value in learning Pilates from a qualified instructor that is reflective in what they charge.

How much ab strength would be enough for you to feel comfortable to start? We all have abdominal muscles and none should be neglected, no matter its strength! Through observation, we teach to your level of fitness. Our expertise is in knowing how to address all levels, not just the strongest.

All bodies can do Pilates. From athletes (tall, short, big or small) to weekend golfers looking to improve their game, to grandparents wanting to still be able to get on the floor to play with their grandkids. What is the consequence of thinking you need to “look” a certain way to be able to walk into a Pilates studio? (staying the same and NOT getting a stronger, fitter version of you!)

There are many variations of each exercise so that your instructor can choose which one works for your body, no matter how stiff you are when you start with us. Before you know it, week by week, you’ll be gaining flexibility and such ease of movement. It will change how you feel and be visible in how you move within your everyday life.

Says who? Pilates can vary from gentle post-rehab to challenging and athletic. Your instructor will tailor your session in a way that is just challenging enough to help you develop. Do you think others around you who are fit and strong waited to be in better shape to get started with their exercise routine?

Movement increases blood flow, decreases stiffness, and restores normal function. Start slowly in a controlled setting with a trainer watching your form. The best way to get started in this situation is with our Introductory 3 Pack of Privates for new clients.


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