Meet Our Team

Helen Hackett


Helen came to Swan Dive after teaching Pilates Reformer for 3 years and doing personal training for 9 years at a large health club in the area. Helen's approach is to improve her clients' strength, flexibility and functionality through exercise modalities which are meaningful to them as individuals.

After leaving a demanding career as an attorney, Helen found a true passion for fitness while staying home as a full-time parent. Beginning as a Group Exercise instructor in 2003, Helen has taught water aerobics, indoor cycling, and a variety of strength-based formats. Helen completed her first personal training certification through ACE in 2004 and then through NASM in 2005. She has also completed certifications through NASM in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement.

Helen knows from her own experience how intimidating exercise can be for many people. Her philosophy is that it's never too late to find your inner athlete. She has experience in working with deconditioned clients and helping them to find confidence in their bodies. She has also worked with clients with a wide variety of special issues including back, shoulder, and knee problems as well as medical issues such as Parkinson's, diabetes and cancer (post-treatment).

Helen loves the challenge of finding the best way to motivate and engage her clients. She spends her free time with her family and her dogs.


Massage Therapy, Pilates and Strength Training
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