Meet Our Team


Debbie became interested in Pilates in 2002, when a friend asked her if she had heard of it. A spark of interest grew and after hours of research, and a couple of private Pilates sessions, Debbie was hooked. From this point forward, her philosophy on exercise changed and she continued her education of various programs in the field of mind and body.

In 2004, Debbie received her comprehensive certification from the PhysicalMind Institute. She taught Pilates at two Studios on the North Shore prior to joining Swan Dive Center for Pilates in 2007, where her business and personal relationships have flourished. Debbie received her Personal Training Certification from ACE in 2001. She then went on to teach Kickboxing in 2003 with a Group Exercise Certification from ESC. She is currently working towards her Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certification.

Debbie leads a demanding workout, while incorporating a strong balance between precision and flow. She loves nothing more than to watch her clients grow in their own work, while moving each of them beyond what they think is possible.

Massage Therapy, Pilates and Strength Training
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