Meet Our Team


Mari’s training is with Power Pilates, a New York based approach. Her dance training with Linda Spriggs, Pilates teacher/trainer, was her first introduction to the practice of Pilates. Her certifications include Stott Pilates(2004), Kriya Temple of Yoga(2004), Ace Personal Training(2012).

Mari’s philosophy in teaching embraces the Pilates principles and in creating a workout that is restorative and reverses the effects of gravity and aging. She is very grateful for her clients who are her inspiration to gain more knowledge of how yoga and Pilates can help lead a life of fullness and ease.

Mari is married and loves life! She is passionate about so many things, mostly learning about current events and collecting wisdom from all aspects of life. She immerses her free time in reading, attending the cinema, art exhibitions, museums etc. She is also a creative cook and enjoys international foods.

She is a caring instructor who appreciates the quality of a challenging yet restorative workout.


Massage Therapy, Pilates and Strength Training
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