Meet Our Team

Laura O’Brien


Laura first started practicing Pilates in 2002 after suffering from low back problems. A strong core combined with the elongation that Pilates provides hooked her many years ago and has been a crucial piece in alleviating the low back pain that she once suffered from. Laura has always been very physically active and continued to practice Pilates throughout both of her pregnancies and postpartum as well.

Laura began her certification process during her 2nd pregnancy and resigned from her 15 year long career as an Elementary School Teacher shortly after receiving her Pilates certification from Balanced Body Education. Laura’s teaching background really lends itself to communicating effectively with her clients during sessions. She caters workouts appropriately for her clients’ varying levels and she can differentiate accordingly in larger group sessions. She is very precise with her cueing technique and wants all of her clients to leave their session feeling strong and accomplished.

Laura especially loves working with pre and post-natal clients in order to help them keep their core strong throughout pregnancy, during delivery and postpartum.


Massage Therapy, Pilates and Strength Training
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