Meet Our Team


Iryna Pantelyuk is committed to helping people improve their health and well-being through regular massage therapy combined with Pilates. She is a licensed massage therapist within the state of Illinois. Her specialty is our “Blended Session” which addresses imbalances in the body with myofascial therapy and strengthens in order to maintain alignment with Pilates all within the same session.

After studying Anatomy and Physiology in college Iryna finished massage therapy school in the Ukraine in 2000. She came to the United States the next year and took more classes at Solex Academy. She has been working at various locations on the North Shore for ten years. During this time she has continued her education by becoming certified in orthopedic massage in 2006 as well as taking classes in the Assessment and Treatment of Headaches, Myofascial Release 1, Myofascial Pelvic, Rebounding and Qi Gong. Iryna started her Pilates training in 2007 and completed her certification by Balanced Body University in 2012. She has been teaching Pilates for several years. Iryna is married, has one daughter and likes to cook and read a good book in her free time.

Massage Therapy, Pilates and Strength Training
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