Meet Our Team

Sheridan Horn


Sheridan's passion for finding physical and spiritual balance through Pilates began when she was 15 and started to utilize classical Pilates mat classes and yoga classes. From then on she became hooked, and was an avid classical Pilates student culminating in a year of rigorous training in Joe Pilates’ classical method, which for her embraced combining the beauty, flow, and core training of Pilates with a focus on the individual body’s needs to create tremendous mental and physical balance and fitness.

In 2014 Sheridan graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and pursued a career in corporate marketing with The Neiman Marcus Group in Dallas, TX prior to completing AlyceaUngaro's Real Pilates program in 2017. During her program she completed 600 comprehensive hours of observation, self practice, and coursework along with a 150+ hours of a teaching apprenticeship. Sheridan’s passion for fitness and mental zen-focused stress release have led her to embrace Pilates and nuances she feels can create endorphin highs that can be life changing.

Within the framework of classical Pilates Sheridan feels there are several modern improvements that can further create almost immediate value and benefit from each session. She believes, as Joe Pilates did, that Pilates is for everyone and is eager to work with people of all ages, body types, injuries, and interests. Sheridan is a true believer in Joe Pilate’s system and is passionate about changing people’s lives through Pilates.


Massage Therapy, Pilates and Strength Training
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