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Susan Pines


Susie Pines is a devoted practitioner of massage therapy. Her foundation in bodywork began in 1984 when she entered the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and remained on staff to teach meditation, Swedish massage, Body Mobilization Technique and acupressure. She was very influenced by the teachings of Robert K. King and Jim Hackett. At the end of her tenure at CSMT, she opened a small studio in her home and worked part-time at Multiplex in Deerfield. While working there, she developed an interest in fitness training and thereafter, in Pilates. In 2004, Susie graduated from Symmetry Pilates founded by Wendy Helton and together, they opened Swan Dive Center for Pilates in Northbrook. She has pursued continuing education for over 27 years in massage therapy and more recently has been influenced by the work of Anat Baniel (ABM) , Eric Franklin (Franklin Method) and Douglas Nelson (Precision Neuromuscular Therapy). Throughout her career in health and fitness, she has pursued national certification and professional affiliation. She studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris and earned a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Illinois in French Language and Civilization.

In bodywork, Susie specializes in neuromuscular, craniosacral, and myofascial therapy. She practices the Pilates method as her educational foundation for strength and flexibility teaching. She has a special interest in pain management, lifestyle counseling and corrective movement therapy to assist the body in achieving balance, strength and flexibility.

Susie has a love for nature, especially dogs and gardening. She is passionate about her work, learning and understanding the human body. Seeing positive change in a client’s wellbeing is her inspiration.

Certifications: AMTA, NCTMB, LMT, Symmetry Pilates


Massage Therapy, Pilates and Strength Training
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