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Swan Dive is a community that promotes the evolution and growth of the body, mind, and spirit through Pilates education and caring service.

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What Exactly is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise that helps you consistently move better and feel better in your life by emphasizing proper postural alignment, strengthening your core, and improving your balance. Pilates is named for its creator, Joseph Pilates, who developed the method in the 1920s.

Within a Pilates routine, you will be doing exercises that will stretch you, increase your flexibility as well as promote core strength and stability, muscle control, and endurance.

Pilates is instrumental in pre- or post-surgery and most definitely in physical rehabilitation.  Athletes mix Pilates into their fitness programs as the emphasis on breathing, core fundamentals, and stretching benefit their individual sports.

What Are The Benefits of Pilates?

By practicing Pilates regularly, you can achieve a number of health benefits, including

What Are The Benefits of Pilates?

By practicing Pilates regularly, you can achieve a number of health benefits, including

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Swan Dive Center for Pilates
3302 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Phone: (847) 562-0100

151 S. Pfingsten Road
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“It is difficult to put into words how Swan Dive has absolutely changed my life. Not only have they given me a healthier body, but they have given me a mindset I have never experienced in my life. I am 65 and that is not easy to do, but Swan Dive did it.”

Sherry G.

I had been searching for the perfect type of workout that would push me to my limit without injury that incorporates weight training, stretching, and resistance work. Then, I found Swan Dive Center for Pilates! Pilates was the answer for me. I am getting the best of all of the above at Swan Dive. Susie Pines is an excellent trainer, her knowledge of the human body is amazing and if I happen to have an ache or pain, she is able to use massage therapy to address my problem. When I am away from my workouts because of my busy schedule, I am always yearning to return. I feel like a million bucks when I leave Swan Dive!

Laurie K.

“I have been working with Iryna for almost a year doing blended sessions (Pilates/massage) and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. I feel more fit, stronger, and more flexible, all of which was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Iryna.”

Brian H.

“Iryna is a wonderful person as well as a terrific, knowledgeable therapist and Pilates instructor. As an added bonus, she makes each workout different and enjoyable. She has kept me healthy and injury-free for the last three years, giving me the ability to play my many sport interests at higher levels. Iryna’s instruction strengthens, stretches and works on the core. Her skills as a therapist are excellent and have fixed many a tight sore muscle. I would highly recommend Iryna to anyone wanting to start or continue Pilates or who is in need of a skilled massage therapist.”

Ken G.

“I have been working with the team at Swan Dive since they opened. As an injury-prone runner, I appreciate their willingness to listen and customize my workouts to help keep my core strong and the injuries away! These ladies are so knowledgeable about Pilates, wellness, and beyond. They want to get you and your body to a happy, balanced and strong place. I now live in the city but make the commute for a massage at least once a month. I have been to many spas & fitness clubs in the city for massage and no one compares! The massage therapists are fantastic and again customize for you! For massage and Pilates, there is nothing like Swan Dive! 5 stars each!”

Liz D.

“Swan Dive is a studio that reflects what real Pilates is. Co-owner Susie Pines is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever worked with. Her attention to detail of the anatomy of the body makes every session truly customized and FUN! Love the “blended” sessions which include Pilates, followed by tableside deep tissue bodywork. A gem in the North Suburbs!”

Rhonda S.

“I’ve been going to Swan Dive ever since they’ve opened. I’ve seen what the big health clubs offer and it doesn’t come close to the quality at Swan Dive. The instructors are so knowledgeable they helped me with my core work and flexibility. I wouldn’t think about going anyplace else and compared to the health clubs the cost is a saving especially for what you get. I have taken one of my sons there who lives in DC and he exercises every day and went back to DC and said the
instructors there can’t be compared to Swan Dive. What a great place to exercise and to relieve stress.”

Robert L.

“I am fortunate enough to work across the street from this place but even if I didn’t, I would drive to this place. The staff is super friendly, and Debbie is the absolute best. I’ve made amazing strides in my flexibility and strength thanks to Swan Dive!”

Nancy D.

“Susie and her colleagues are extremely knowledgeable, professional, good listeners and excellent practitioners.”

Jane C.

“I found Swan Dive a little over a year ago and have been hooked ever since. Each instructor will take the time to get to know you, to customize exercises and workouts to fit your needs…even in the classes! They listen, care and are so knowledgeable. They work at your level to help you gain strength, flexibility and whatever other fitness goals you might have.”

Kate R.

“If you are looking for patient, compassionate, expert instruction, don’t look further than Susie Pines at Swan Dive. If you are looking for an impeccably clean, well-equipped Pilates studio, Swan Dive Pilates is your place. Highly recommended!”

Katy Z.

“Swan Dive offers a warm and inviting atmosphere while educating you on the benefits of Pilates and exercise in general.  I opted for shared lessons with a girlfriend.  Julie was our instructor. While teaching our bodies to stretch and tone, we had fun and the time passed enjoyably.  I highly recommend Swan Dive to anyone looking to improve their flexibility, tone and well-being!!”

Jennifer S.

“My body is so much stronger and healthier! Although I’ve been a client for almost 2 years, my sessions with Wendy are never boring or routine. She tells me when I need correction or if I’ve done a routine well. She cares, and I appreciate her personal interest.”

“The instructors help you to reach your goals and sometimes push you outside of your comfort zone to achieve better results. They are interested in you as a person, not just a dollar sign.”

“Nice people-great workout!”

“I love the nurturing staff.”

“I like that my sessions are tailored to my needs every session.”

“Instructors are well trained and change the exercise routine often.”

“Swan Dive has such a nice environment and community of clients.”

“The staff is so knowledgeable.”

“The environment at Swan Dive is very professional yet inviting and friendly.”

“Swan Dive offers a friendly environment, a good Pilates workout and excellent massage therapy.”

“I love that I can receive the individual attention that meets my needs.”


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